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I’m having trouble making my graph. There's a column in the table that should show up in the chart. I tried the textbook reference I found online, but it doesn't work.
Solved by P.S. in 20 mins
My expert was friendly, patient, and above all extremely helpful if not critical to the completion of my task. He deserves serious recognition!
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I need a pivot table that consists of users, contact ID, and dates. I need to be able to count only the first date entry for each contact ID per user.
Solved by A.C. in 15 mins
My expert was quick to respond, broke down the problem for me, provided me with a clear explanation, and I even had time left over to look through the Excel sheet and ask final questions.
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I am trying to use VLOOKUP but I can't find the right answer searching online. Format of cells is in percentages. Please take a look at the sheet I uploaded!
Solved by A.J. in 18 mins
Fast service! Problem solved in minutes after spending hours on my own. Expert saved my day!!
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"If I could, I would give my expert a constellation of stars instead of just 5. I had a vision for a sheet. Everyone in my organization told me it wasn’t possible. I believed, in my heart of hearts, that someone existed who could help me. Once I began working with this expert, it became apparent they were that person. Truly, a pleasure to work with."
Eric K.
HR professional
"This really saved my life. I can’t believe something that was taking me hours to figure out on my own was solved within half an hour. She helped me with index formulas for something complicated. I’m so happy and so excited to use this service again and again whenever I need it. Thank you for everything!!"
Melissa L.
College student
"Literally unbelievable! I've been working for hours creating the worksheet and my expert solved a big problem within minutes! I'm blown away - thank you so much!"
Steph K.
Sales professional

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Post Graduate in Computer Science, 10 years of data analytics experience
"This is the company with a vision of promoting learning. I am proud to say that after 2 years, I’ve helped numerous students and professionals because of the training, opportunity, and belief that this company provides."
Big passion in technology, 3 years of experience of in Excel and C++ programming
"I’ve been with Got It Pro for 6 months, and I thoroughly enjoy the experience of helping people through Excel problems - not to mention the awesome team of our fellow Experts!"
Dedicated teacher with 2 years of Excel experience
"I will genuinely teach you how to excel at Excel. It’s easy to get deceived by Excel, but I will lead you through any difficulties with useful tips and tricks to help you expand your Excel skills!"
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